25 years of experience, lots of babies,

and it still tugs at my heartstrings

Specialist in acupuncture and integrative medicine

I specialize in acupuncture for fertility and gynecology and am also a researcher in the field.

During my internship in the United States, I first discovered integrative medicine – a holistic medical discipline that integrates conservative medicine and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

In the seventeen years I worked in England, I applied this approach. I had the privilege of collaborating with the finest fertility specialists and acquired a great deal of knowledge about the various fertility treatments.

In acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine I was lucky to study with the man who is considered a world-class authority on the subject, Giovanni Maciocia, from whom I learned his diagnostic methods and unique protocols first-hand.

In fertility, I had the honor of learning from the best, and I loved working with them; I worked regularly and continuously with Dr. Anil Gudi, Medical Director at the Homerton Fertility Centre, Homerton University Hospital, London’s largest fertility department, and with the other doctors at the Centre, including Dr. Anupa Nandi and Dr. Amit Shah. I worked with England’s leading fertility specialists, including Dr. Yehudi Gordon and Dr. Gidon Lieberman.


International research and collaborations with renowned fertility specialists

In addition to my work, I was lead researcher in a large-scale clinical trial in which I treated patients with acupuncture, while using ultrasound to scientifically confirm its positive effects on blood flow to the uterus and ovaries and, as a result, on endometrial thickness (which is crucial for embryo implantation), on the number of follicles and on egg quality.

The trial, the results of which were published in Fertility Science and Research, unequivocally proved the dramatic effect of acupuncture on the IVF procedure and aroused great interest within the IVF medical community.

I feel very fortunate to have had Professor Roy Homberg as my clinical trial director. I was granted the privilege of working with him, receiving his guidance and drawing on his vast knowledge of fertility treatments and in directing clinical trials. The team of leading embryologists I worked with in the trial also contributed by enriching my knowledge of laboratory procedures. The trial →

I make sure to attend international reproductive medicine conferences each year to stay abreast of the latest innovations and research, to lecture, or as an expert panel member.

Another important part of my life is my job as global donor relations representative for Orr Shalom, a nonprofit that cares for children and youth at-risk who have been removed from their homes by the welfare authorities.

I’m here for you

I am the mother of 4, and happily, these aren’t the only four births I experienced.

For more than 25 years, I’ve accompanied patients throughout their fertility journey, all the way to giving birth!

My practical and research experience enable me to accompany and advise patients while treating them with acupuncture. A thorough understanding of the various physiological processes, the medications used, lab tests and ultrasound scans and a knowledge of the various protocols enable me to work shoulder to shoulder with the best doctors so that my patients are brought calmly, optimistically and successfully, to the desired outcome.

One of the specialists I am very proud to collaborate with in Israel is Professor Shlomo Mashiach, Israel’s IVF pioneer and a world-renowned fertility specialist.