International activity

Conference presentations, professional articles and research

In the past few years I have regularly spoken at international conferences, where I presented my research findings and taught the treatment protocol. I am also a regular participant in expert panels at international medical conferences on fertility, which I make sure to attend each year to keep up with the latest innovations and research.

The results of the clinical trial I led were published in medical journals around the world, as were articles I authored on acupuncture and its role in fertility treatments.


In the acupuncture group, positive pregnancy outcomes were almost double compared to the control group

The trial I led in the England examined the effects of acupuncture (according to a special protocol) on IVF success rates and live birth rates. The trial was published in the medical journal, Fertility Science and Research


British fertility specialist: “I was skeptical about acupuncture and the trial changed my mind”

An article in The Times, which covered my trial and its outcomes


Integrative medicine –collaboration that is important for patients

A lecture I gave at the annual symposium of the ARRC, England’s Acupuncture Research Resource Center, on the importance of randomized controlled trials in acupuncture and infertility


Acupuncture to be recommended to improve IVF outcomes

An article featured in the English Daily Mail, which covered my clinical trial and its results

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Acupuncture is effective in reducing pain caused by endometriosis

Endometriosis – Treating the Most Common TCM Patterns for Symptom Relief

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The importance of acupuncture in the various stages of IVF

The Impact of Acupuncture on the IVF Success Rates and Live Birth Rates – A Randomized Controlled Trial