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After years of taking care not to get pregnant, you must now completely change your mindset… I’m here to accompany you on your journey to starting a family, to help you create the optimal physiological, hormonal and emotional conditions for you to conceive, have a healthy pregnancy and a successful birth, and be at your side as you experience the hopes (and sometimes, sadly, the disappointments). I will make sure you have all the information and a guiding hand, and of course, I’ll treat you with acupuncture as you go through the fertility processes, both of us sharing a common goal: a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

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Emotional and hormonal balance

The decision to fall pregnant is an exciting one. Regrettably, in many cases, it is accompanied by a great deal of stress.

If there is one gift you can give yourself, it’s turning the journey into a positive, calm and successful experience.

Our body systems are interconnected. The nervous system and hormonal system interact, and each affects the other. This means that your emotional state has a big impact on your chances of conceiving.

When I accompany a patient who has decided to fall pregnant, besides choosing the acupoints to balance the hormones and increase blood flow to the uterus and ovaries, I also choose acupoints that directly affect the nervous system, which are known to release “feel-good” brain chemicals such as endorphins.

Optimal conditions for conception

Optimal conditions for conception

At this point, it’s important to make sure that your body is in the best condition for pregnancy, for accommodating an embryo!

This is why I absolutely believe that you need to plan and prepare yourself for getting pregnant rather than simply “letting nature do its job”, at the time that is right for you. Making proper preparations will support the different aspects related to your fertility:

Hormonal balance, blood supply, emotional balance – and even the quality of your eggs.

A woman who is hormonally balanced and in a positive emotional state is like rich soil, ready to bring forth fruit.

“Mentoring” you for fertility

Besides treating them with acupuncture, I accompany my patients and “mentor” them for fertility:

I will furnish you with all the information about things you can do to help yourself, such as diet and nutritional supplements.

And of course, if necessary, I will refer you to specialists (I collaborate with some of the best fertility experts in Israel and the world) for tests to provide a complete picture.

Faithful to my method, I will at all times make sure that you get all the medical and scientific help you need, supported and accompanied by acupuncture.תו.

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