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That moment when you found out you were pregnant… no matter if you’ve been trying for a long time, if you had treatments or if it came as a complete surprise – you’re thrilled, but sometimes you’re also a little scared… Acupuncture plays an effective and meaningful part in every stage of your pregnancy. I’m here to make sure that you enjoy the journey and aren’t stressed by it! I’m here to support you at every stage of your pregnancy with its special needs, accompanying you at every moment, from a healthy pregnancy to a healthy baby.

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My patients:
You and your baby

My patients: You and your baby

Based on years of experience in accompanying pregnant women, I’ll support you guided by the thought that I have two patients – you and your baby.

Acupuncture that works on the relevant body systems – the nervous system, the digestive system and the hormonal system – will help you through your pregnancy in good health and emotionally resilient, and will create the best conditions for the healthy development of the baby in your womb.

Your treatment is tailored to each stage of your pregnancy and includes strengthening your immune system through acupuncture and diet, treating common discomforts during pregnancy such as anxiety, sleep problems, morning sickness (nausea and vomiting), backache, hormonal sores, constipation and mood swings.

Treatment of the fetus is, of course, not direct, but rather by needling acupuncture points on your body, whose function is to stimulate blood flow to the uterus to support the baby. This particular treatment is especially important for women who have experienced recurrent pregnancy loss.

In the first trimester

In this stage, acupuncture helps mainly by stimulating blood flow to the uterus to support the fetus, and also to relax you and alleviate tension and anxiety. Of course, acupuncture is also highly effective in treating morning sickness, which is typical of the first trimester. Strengthening your body with acupuncture and personalized nutrition will also help you to overcome the fatigue that accompanies this stage of your pregnancy.

There is evidence in the medical literature that the mother’s nutrition and lifestyle during pregnancy affects embryonic development, the birth process and outcome, and the infant’s development in the first years of life.

That’s why this is exactly the right time to cultivate a healthy routine: good nutrition, physical and mental exercise, breathing, good posture. Your lifestyle now has a direct effect on your baby. Whatever you cultivate now will resonate and bear fruit in a few months’ time!

In the second trimester

I’ll continue to support you and your baby with acupuncture, and I’ll make sure that the conditions for his or her development are optimal. In this stage, we will treat the phenomena that may accompany the second trimester according to the different body systems. Also, if calcium, iron or certain vitamin deficiencies are observed, we’ll build a detailed meal plan for you. A good, personalized diet will enable your digestive system to work properly (and prevent constipation) and will make sure that you are giving your body everything it needs for your baby’s healthy development, everything it needs to build a new life.

As the third trimester draws near…

The big moment is coming closer, and you need to be strong when it arrives!

Women who were treated with acupuncture during pregnancy report that they felt that they were better prepared for childbirth, physically and mentally.

So to prepare you, we will focus on acupoints that are known to strengthen the immune system and boost energy – energy you’ll be needing during and after you give birth.

We will stimulate blood flow to the pelvic area so that area is relaxed, “open”, and ready for the birth.

We will also treat phenomena that are sometimes associated with the third trimester such as backache, edema and swollen legs, feet and ankles.

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